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A learning circle is a group of people who meet in-person to learn something together, using free online courses or other learning resources. Methodology of Learning Circles used in the "Learning Circles in Libraries" project has been created by Peer 2 Peer University - a grassroots organization whose mission is to create alternatives to formal education that are both practical and liberating. 

Real Opportunities for Adult Online Education. The White Paper

The main idea of this publication is to support librarians and other educators who work with adults in developing their knowledge, improving skills and enhancing attitudes that are helpful in their work. The authors also wished to inspire authorities at various levels, stakeholders, or local leaders who seek effective and innovative ways to educate people and respond to the adults’ needs.

The Real Opportunities for Adult Online Education. The White Paper report also contains general conclusions and recommendations for the countries that will run Learning Circles, as well as the 'national’ conclusions and recommendations, i.e. those that take into account each country’s perspective.

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Facilitating Learning Circles - Facilitator Handbook 

The purpose of this handbook is to help facilitators understand how people acquire knowledge through self-learning, as well as how they learn from others, so that they could subsequently train facilitators in running their own Learning Circles. Part 1 brings the concept of learning circles closer through a complete course,
designed as a learning circle. Part 2: Self-Learning of this Facilitator Handbook is devoted to the concept of self-learning. Part 3: Facilitating Learning Circles explores how to best facilitate Learning Circles and finally, Part 4:
Virtual Learning Circles provides practical tips on running the Learning Circles online.

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Facilitating Learning Circles. Part 1. Learning About the Learning Circles
Facilitating Learning Circles. Part 2. Self-Learning
Facilitating Learning Circles. Part 3. Facilitating
Facilitating Learning Circles. Part 4. Virtual


"Are you ready for the Learning Circles?" - a quick online course 

This is a site with a quick course which provides some basic information on people's readiness to use technology, vocational interests and learning styles. The course has been prepared for all people interested in participating in the Learning Circles, as well as for librarians, educators and anyone who would like to moderate a Learning Circle. 

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The Learning Circles in Libraries' Toolkit

This is a collection of articles with accompanying videos contributed by all Learning Circles project's partners. They present the project partners experiences of running and facilitating Learning Circles as well as reflections on the role of libraries in supporting life-long learning.

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